These are just a few of the dogs
we have rehomed.

The Great Dane Adoption Society (Charity Registration Number 1091717) celebrated it's 17th anniversary on 1st January 2017.

Well over 1600 dogs have been happily rehomed, thanks to our volunteers, members and supporters.


This is FAYE - just one of our special dogs who is looking for a new home. Can you give a home to one of these lovely dogs?

Welcome to the home of the Great Dane Adoption Society, a charity dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of Great Danes in the United Kingdom.

We take in Great Danes and sometimes other giant breeds such as Mastiffs, Irish Wolfhounds and even St Bernards, from anywhere in the United Kingdom. We work with other organisations like Battersea Dogs Home and help to promote Great Dane welfare. Since the G.D.A.S. was formed on 1st January 2000 the Society has gone from strength to strength and after many, many hours of hard work we were delighted to have been granted "Charity Status" in 2002.

Our dedicated committee work tirelessly in aid of Great Danes in need, and we now have over 600 members and 300 home checkers and drivers.

Good to know . . . . .
Good to know . . .
We have a very popular Charity Shop in Boston, Lincs.

This shop is an important part of the local community and brings in substantial funds for our Charity.

Find our more about the shop and how to donate.

All of our dogs are properly assessed and all of our potential homes are checked for suitability. In addition the dogs are all vaccinated and wormed, and all the bitches are neutered prior to adoption. Our Foster homes are invaluable, and provide an experienced safe haven for Danes being assessed. We currently help over 140 dogs per year.

Very few of our Danes are strays. Most are homeless through changes in the previous owners' domestic circumstances and they make fine and loving family pets.

The Great Dane Adoption Society never refuses to take in any Great Dane in need of rehoming, regardless of the severity of their health or behaviour except when their quality of life is already irreversibly compromised . However due to the large amount of Danes in need of rehoming we do need to operate a waiting list as our resources are limited. All our dogs are kept in our care until we find them an appropriate home or they pass away. We only euthanase a dog when their quality of life is irreversibly compromised.

We do have some "sponsor dogs" who have special problems but are happy and content living with our Dog Adoption Officer or special foster families. These dogs cannot be re-homed but they live a full and happy life under the care of G.D.A.S. Sponsorship is a minimum of 20 per year and in turn they keep in touch with their sponsor families on a regular basis.

We produce a newsletter three times a year which is warmly received by all our members, and have a busy calendar of various fundraising events including street collections, Exemption Shows, and our Annual Re-Union Fun Day.

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