***IMPORTANT*** Information re caring for your dog during and after Covid-19

Welcome to the home page of the Great Dane Adoption Society and Trust Fund

The Great Dane Adoption Society was founded in January 2000 to rescue and re home unwanted Great Danes and other Giant Breed Dogs. Since that time we have succeeded in finding loving forever homes for over 1600 Danes and countless others. However more recently the number of dogs we re- home has been declining year on year

You may be forgiven for thinking that this is a good thing, and it would be, but for the fact that the Danes are being sold elsewhere. The problems we face are that many people now sell their dogs on Facebook, Gumtree, PreLoved and so on. Along with the fact that the Big Charities such as RSPCA, PDSA, Battersea Dogs Home, Dogs Trust and so on appear to be” taking over the world” we just can’t compete any longer. When a Great Dane is handed in to one of these big organisations we contact them and ask if we can help and yet they never release the Danes to us. More and more the only dogs that we are being asked to take in for re homing are aggressive dogs and cross breed dogs that we find impossible to re home. GDAS was becoming a long term home for aggressive dogs rather than a rehoming centre.

We thought long and hard about the future but after months of trustees meetings and planning we have decided to cease as a rehoming centre. We will always be happy to help any GDAS owner in the future, so please don’t be afraid to contact us via this website should you need support at any time. If any of our dogs should need to be re-homed again we will do our very best to step in and help.

You will find on our “Dogs in need” page that we are advertising Danes and other big dogs for other Charities, so please use the contact details given for more info if you are interested in re homing them.

We do have some "sponsor dogs" who have special problems but are happy and content living with our Dog Adoption Officer or special foster families. These dogs cannot be re-homed but they live a full and happy life under the care of G.D.A.S. Sponsorship is a minimum of £20 per year and in turn they keep in touch with their sponsor families on a regular basis.

We produce a newsletter twice times a year which is warmly received by all our members.