Can you help by sponsoring one of our dogs?

We have several "sponsor dogs" who have special problems but are happy and content living with our Dog Adoption Officer or special foster families. These dogs cannot be re-homed but they live a full and happy life under the care of G.D.A.S.

Sponsorship is a minimum of 20 per year and in turn they keep in touch with their sponsor families on a regular basis. Many people buy a sponsorship as a special present for a loved one.



Bryn is a young lad who has had a terrible start in life. He was living on a chain outside in a filthy yard. He had no bed and was in a very poor condition when we rescued him. He could not walk without tripping over and was very miserable. His owner had been trying to sell him on the internet as a guard dog.

Bryn has very swollen joints and following a thorough investigation by our Orthopaedic vet including x rays and scans, it has been concluded that he has a very unusual type of Immune problem which is attacking his joints.

Bryn has daily medication in the form of Chemotherapy tablets which should hopefully slow up the deterioration process. He will never be cured but now he is living in the house at the Sanctuary and receiving regular blood tests and medication, he is a very happy boy. Bryn is very playful and loves to run in the fields twice a day.

By sponsoring Bryn you will be directly helping him to enjoy life to the full for as long as possible.

To sponsor Bryn, you can pay online using your debit or credit card through the trusted payment processor Paypal. Or send us a completed form along with your cheque for a minimum of 20.

Note: If you wish to sponsor a dog as a present for a loved one, please advise their name and address in delivery address section of the shopping cart or printed form.