Love is Not Enough ( Or How to really Love your Dog)

When asked why they want to rescue a Dane many people say that they have a lot of love to give. Whilst this is a genuine sentiment and our Danes do need love it would also be remiss of us to allow our applicants to believe that love alone will make for a long and happy relationship with any Dane.

Practically every person that gifts in a Dane to the society for re-homing believes that they love the dog, however they have found themselves giving the dog up.

Good to know . . . . .
Good to know . . .
We have a very popular Charity Shop in Boston, Lincs.

This shop is an important part of the local community and brings in substantial funds for our Charity.

Find our more about the shop and how to donate.

Providing a good home for a Dane also requires a huge commitment in terms of money and time, and a good knowledge of all things canine.

  • Financially you need to be able to budget approx. 100 a month to cover quality feed, insurance, preventative treatments and ad hoc purchases like toys and bedding
  • Timewise you will need to be able to spend sufficient time each day with your Dane for exercising, petting, grooming and playing. Note: Danes should never be left without human companionship for longer than four hours both for their physical and emotional well being. Firstly they are very prone to a problem called bloat. It is highly treatable if caught early enough, but fatal if not. Within a few hours a Dane with bloat would have died and it really is a most distressing and painful end. In addition they are people dogs who crave human company, therefore regularly leaving a Dane for hours can lead to a very unhappy and destructive dog.
  • Knowledge: There are several topics that you will need to fully understand in order to provide a safe and happy environment for a Dane
    • General care which you can read about here
    • Common health issues (see Caring for Danes - Common Medical Complaints), in particular bloat which you can read about here
    • Pack leader (Resource controller). Dogs are an instinctive pack animal, and the mechanics of the pack structure is the only way of living that they understand. Treated incorrectly your dog could become stressed, aggressive, or depressed, and could end up with some serious behavioural traits. Ensuring that your dog accepts that you and the rest of your family have control of the valued resources will prevent behavioural problems and allow them to have a care free happy lifestyle. You can get a good overview of this subject here and you should also adopt a Nothing in Life is Free philosophy for continuous reinforcement.

Real love is not a word, it is your daily actions. Before you consider homing a Dane make sure that you have the necessary resources and desire to commit to 'Really Loving your Dog'.