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All of our dogs are properly assessed and all of our potential homes are checked for suitability. In addition the dogs are all vaccinated and wormed, and all the bitches are neutered prior to adoption. Our Dog Adoption Unit works very hard to ensure that the right Dane is put into the right home by marrying the needs of the Dane and the needs of the new home.


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MARY would love to receive a gift to help in the transition to a new home. Being a good dog MARY may share this gift with the other dogs in our care.
Box of bonios as a bedtime treat
Box of bonios as a bedtime treat
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MARYHello I am Mary and I am 4 yrs old.
My mum and dad parted company and so I find myself in the Sanctuary looking for a new family.

I used to live on a narrow boat, no thats not a printing error ! but I am scared of water !

I am spayed and vaccinated etc and in superb health.

I am very cuddly and loving with people once I know them but can be timid around strangers. I do have quite a list of Special Requirements I am afraid so here goes ....

I hate the vets so have to wear my naughty girl muzzle when I go there.

I am not good around strange dogs.
Mostly because I am frightened of them but I used to play with my friends who were boy dogs so I am not all bad.

My new home must have a large secure area where I can run off lead without meeting any other animals.

I am not good with cats.

I am terrified of young fast moving kids.

I am frightened of sudden movements and loud noises.

OK OK I hear you say who wants that dog from hell, but honestly I am very loving and I just need an understand family who can take me out for walks in the countryside where I dont have to see loads of other dog walkers. I am a brilliant house dog clean and obedient and I love cuddles and will be ever so loyal.

Thanks for looking at my picture, I hope you like my sqeeky duck hes my favourite thing and I carry him around all day with me.

Lots of love Mary xxxx

If you are interested in MARY please email joy@danes.org.uk or telephone 01205 481248


LOLALola is a 2 year old , lively, spayed, Great Dane bitch.

Lola is an obedient yet strong willed super intelligent lady so needs a sympathetic, experienced home.

Lola has had limited experience with other dogs, not lived with children or cats and doesnt like small dogs.

She enjoys walking along our quiet country lanes. She would do well in an experienced Great Dane home with owners who have time and patience to continue training and enjoy her youthful energy.

For more information about Lola please call Liz on 01267 290317

Please note this dog is not in our care, please use the contact details above.


FAYEFaye is a 3 year old mis-marked harlequin girl who has been deaf since birth.

Faye currently shares her kennel with Bruno because she needs a male dog for company. Bruno is a 2yr old black male Dane.

She can either be re homed with Bruno or would live happily with another calm Dane or large breed boy dog, who can show her the ropes.

Faye doesnt like small dogs but has lived with cats and Ducks in the past.
She needs a home with a large secure garden or access to a secure field for off lead exercise each day.

If you can offer Faye the kind of home that she so desperately needs please call Liz on 01267 290317

Please note this dog is not in our care, please use the contact details above.


APOLLOApollo is a fantastic castrated 3 year old fawn dog who loves human company more than anything in the world.

He is a easy going, very gentle, slightly reserve,dog who loves his walk on the country lane but especially loves the wood where he gets to have a run around.

He loves his food and will sit and wait before eating and is very clean in his kennel.

He walks on a lead like a dream and just wants to be at your side, we have met passing traffic and ducks and he doesnt bother with either.

Apollo needs understanding owners as he can be nervous of younger men due to his chequered past however he has been fine with visiting Coleg Sir Gar students up at the kennels whilst in the exercise field.

He would like to have some space in his new home so he feels relaxed and not cornered or shut away

Apollo really would love a quiet forever home where he can curl up in front of the fire and be a fantastic companion lovely dog for an active experience older person or couple with no young children, well worth a second chance so he can reward your work with him.

For more information about Apollo please call Liz at Great Dane Care 01267 290317

Please note this dog is not in our care, please use the contact details above.