What our adopters say . . .

Open quotes Really hope all is well there, we just thought you might like to know that Brodie passed his Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award today. He has been such a star bless him, he really is a very special boy! We are so lucky to share our home with him and are so grateful to you for all you did for him and for thinking of us to be his forever family. Close quotes


This is MARY - just one of our special dogs who is looking for a new home. Can you give a home to one of these lovely dogs?

Open quotes I would like to thank you again for all your help and giving us the oppurtunity to be able to give love to another one of these great dogs. If there is anyway we can ever repay you, just say the word. Close quotes

Open quotes We lost our Great Dane Mia 3 years ago now, who we were so lucky to have in our lives thanks to GDAS for approx 7 years, who I think of everyday. I don't think you ever get over losing a dog especially a Great Dane as they always have a special place in your heart as Mia does in mine, but it is Great that those that need it get a second chance because of GDAS. Close quotes

Open quotes Diamond is really lovely - so curious and such fun . . . many thanks for everything. Close quotes

Open quotes We must thank you for getting it just right once more. . . . What a beautiful dog he is and fills the house with laughter as each new visitor sees him standing at full height opening the door. Close quotes

Open quotes He is not 'another Duchess' but Sam in his own right but the similarites between the two makes me realise why Great Danes are so special. I can only thankyou for letting me be his new mum because he's made me feel complete again. Close quotes