Adoption - How it works

Well, if you've got this far, it looks like you're hooked on a Dane! So, what do you do from here?


This is KRYSTAL and ZEUS - just one of our special dogs who is looking for a new home. Can you give a home to one of these lovely dogs?

It's simple, just read this page and if you would like to adopt a Dane, you can complete our Online Application Form

We will ask you some questions about yourself (like where you live, if you have children or other pets etc). We'll then arrange a convenient time for one of our volunteer homevisitors to visit your home. The visit is not an inspection. We're really not interested in the wallpaper in your hall or whether or not the laundry basket is full. We visit purely to ensure that the home is a safe environment for a Great Dane and that you know what you're letting yourself in for! We're not looking for luxurious homes but we are looking for dedicated and knowledgeable homes.

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Great Dane Badge

Great Dane Badge

Our Dog Adoption Unit works very hard to ensure that the right Dane is put into the right home. For this reason, applications are not dealt with on a 'first come, first served basis'. The Dog Adoption Officer attempts to marry the needs of the Dane and the needs of the new family. Our policy is that the needs of the Dane will always be considered as the priority.

When we've found the right Dane for you (and he/she may be sitting in a foster home right now!) we'll invite you to meet the Dane. When you and our Dog Adoption Officer are satisfied that all is well, (which usually takes about the time to drink a couple of cups of tea - 2 sugars thanks) we complete the adoption paperwork and you can take your new Dane home with you.

Dane pedigree papers are never handed over to the new adopter.

In order to assist with the activities of the society, we are pleased to accept a non-refundable donation from all our adopters. The donation will be discussed with you by our Dog Adoption Officer prior to your initial visit. The expected voluntary donation will normally be between 100 and 300, the average being 200.

A couple of weeks after getting your Dane, our Dog Adoption Officer will phone you to ensure that all is well. We may also make follow up visits, just to make sure that you and your Dane are getting along.

As you would expect, we have learnt through experience the minimum requirements that ensure the safety and happiness of a rescue Great Dane. Whilst all our homevisitors are unpaid volunteers, we do reimburse their travelling expenses from our very scarce finances. Therefore we should be grateful if you would read the minimum requirements below and only apply if you are able to meet them.

  • Fully enclosed garden with fencing at least 5ft high
  • Main living rooms of house do not have laminate flooring, unless they have extensive non-slip rugs
  • Never leaving the dog without human companionship for longer that 4 hours a day (This is 4 hours a day - not 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon)
  • A local area for daily off lead exercise
  • Never placing the dog in kennels or other outside buildings
  • The knowledge/ability to train a dog without resorting to force
  • Having the finances to provide the Dane with good quality food and healthcare
  • Being prepared to learn and accept advice about the needs of a Great Dane (where necessary)
  • Being prepared to really love your dog and dedicate the necessary time and resources

If you are still interested in adopting on of our Danes please apply online and we can get the process started.