Applying to adopt

Unfortunately, a number of applicants do not give full consideration to the responsibility of rescuing a Dane and subsequently withdraw their application, thus incurring costs for the charity. Our finances are very scarce and much needed for the care of our Danes, so by completing this application you are agreeing to paying for any costs incurred if you subsequently withdraw your application.

For this reason we would ask you not to apply to several rescues as processing your applications will cost each organisation money and the time and goodwill of their volunteers. You should find a breed rescue charity ( we would only recommend using a charity as they are closely monitored and required to adhere to strict guidelines - ask for their charity number ) whose operating procedures you are comfortable with.

Before you complete our adoption application form, please read the criteria detailed below and indicate your confirmation:

  • I/we are not intenting to move home in the next 6 months
  • I/we have an enclosed garden with fencing at least 5 foot high
  • The main living rooms of my/our house do not have laminate flooring or they have extensive non-slip rugs
  • I/we would not leave a dog without human companionship for longer that 4 hours a day (This is 4 hours a day - not 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon)
  • I/we have a local area where we would take a dog for daily off lead exercise
  • I/we would not place a dog in kennels or other outside buildings
  • Any female dogs in my/our care have been spayed
  • I/we do not already have dogs of both sexes
  • I/we understand that if we already have a dog, we will need to adopt a dog of the opposite sex
  • I/we do not work on active duty for the Armed Forces
  • There is a minimum of one person in the household with an earned income or I/we do not work but have independent personal financial means
  • I/we would medically insure a dog or I/we would would be prepared to spend 10,000 on any unforseen medical costs
  • I/we have the knowledge/ability to train a dog without resorting to force
  • I/we are prepared to travel to middle England and/or Boston to meet any potential adoptive dogs
  • I/we are not applying to any other rescue organisations to adopt a dog
  • I/we understand that upon adoption there is non-refundable donation payable, between 100 and 300, the average being 200
  • I/we are prepared to dedicate the necessary time and resources to settling and rehabilitating a dog

I confirm that all the statements above are true